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home_facebookThe social networking site Facebook features numerous things users can engage in. A few popular features are status updates, applications, group pages and Facebook pages. Businesses, such as stores, sports teams and politicians, often create pages to engage with customers and fans. This is one way businesses can stand out and become noticed.

With Facebook pages, people can become “fans” of businesses and interact with others. Businesses are able to send updates about products and brands to fans. These updates show up on the home page. The home page features the news feed, which is filled with status updates, comments and pictures. Because of all the clutter, do people even read updates?

I’m a fan of a couple pages and every so often I notice that I have a new update on my home page. Sometimes, I sign on a few times without checking what the update says. When I finally read the update, I usually don’t read all of it. I read the beginning of the update and stop when it says “read more.” Why don’t I keep reading? I don’t continue because the updates don’t catch my attention, so I don’t want to waste time reading them.

What can businesses do to get people to read updates? Lynn Morton says that since updates compete with other things on Facebook, they need to be 140 characters or less. I would pay more attention to updates if they were concise. If I have to continue to another page, that’s too long. Also, only send updates when it’s necessary, like when announcing a new product or event. I don’t want to read numerous updates each time I sign in.

If businesses make updates short and sweet to the point, I think more people will read them. People will be more likely to check out pages, and businesses will enhance their Facebook presence. In turn this will help businesses connect with customers and fans.

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