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happy-holidaysWith the holidays right around the corner, people are busy planning parties and get-togethers. To host the perfect holiday event, planning and preparation is needed. We can all use a part of public relations —  event planning — to help ensure a successful holiday party.

PRowl Public Relations has come up with four PR tips for planning a holiday party.

1. Pay attention to competition. When choosing a day for your holiday event, make sure your neighbors or friends aren’t hosting an event on the same day. You don’t want your friends to be forced to choose which party to attend. People are busy, but it’s important to work with people’s schedules and figure out which day will work the best for more of them. 

2. RSVP. When it comes to invitations, make sure they have an RSVP on them. You need to know roughly how many people will be attending your event, so you can plan on buying the right amount of food, drinks and other items. Your guests might be upset if they showed up and there wasn’t anything to eat. You wouldn’t be very happy if you spent tons of money on food when you didn’t need to.

3. Creativity. Throwing a theme party is a great way to be creative. You can be creative in terms of theme, decor, food and entertainment. Ugly Christmas sweater parties are popular and a fun way to spice up a party. Since people usually attend multiple holiday parties, you want yours to be exciting and different. Playing games will keep people entertained throughout the party and also make your event more memorable.

4. Venue. Make sure that your event takes place in the appropriate location. You don’t want to host a party for 20 people in a large hall because the room will look empty. You also don’t want your house to be so crowded that guests can’t move around. It’s also important to decorate the space according to your theme and how you want the party to feel. If you are having a July at Christmas party, then you’ll need to decorate with beach and Christmas items.

These tips will come in handy for anyone planning a holiday event. I’ve hosted a Christmas party for the past five years and I’ve dealt with all of these things during the planning process. I wish I had thought about some of these tips earlier because they would’ve helped ease my stress! Planning and hosting a party takes a lot of work, but it’s worth it in the end. Happy holidays! 

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Last week, people discovered wallets all over cities like Chicago and Orlando. These weren’t typical wallets that people lose and others often find. These wallets were purposely left around cities for people to find and keep.

What’s going on here? Well, this was a creative PR tactic that Burger King put into action. The fast food chain dropped wallets in busy places and told people to keep them. When people opened the wallets, they were pleasantly surprised to find money, Burger King gift cards and other random Burger King items.


I’m not a big fan of fast food, but this is a great PR tactic. By doing something different, people will talk about Burger King. This generates buzz for the company. I’ve found multiple blogs written by people who’ve heard about this tactic or found a wallet themselves. This also shows that Burger King is generous because they give away free things.

Isaacs PR Blog discusses three reasons why this PR tactic worked for Burger King. The first reason is because the tactic was unexpected. People drop wallets all the time, but they don’t usually do it on purpose. You also don’t hear much about companies dropping free items around town, especially without making an announcement. The second reason why this tactic worked was because the timing was perfect. Because of the poor economy, people could use a little help. A $5 Burger King gift card and a few bucks could really benefit someone. Finally, this tactic grabbed the audience’s attention faster than any other tactic. People are more likely to notice this tactic than the usual commercial or billboard.

If I found a wallet, my first instinct would be to return it to the owner. So, if somebody told me to keep it, I’d be pretty excited. I wish I could have found one of these wallets and been a part of Burger King’s PR tactic!

More information:

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lg_sprite_lebron_james_4Professional athletes have endorsement deals with an array of companies. These include restaurants, shoe brands and credit cards. Companies have used athletes to promote their products and services for over 100 years.

Athletes endorse products and services in a variety of ways. These include TV commercials, print advertisements and Web site endorsements. Athletes may also wear products or use services when they are participating in their sport and when they are in public.

Most people know that Michael Jordan endorses Nike and that Tiger Woods endorses GatoradeAccording to recent studies, consumers are more likely to purchase products and use services endorsed by athletes than products and services that are not endorsed. Kids around the world feel like they can be “just like Mike” when they wear a pair of Air Jordan’s. If I want to buy a sports drink, I may buy Gatorade because the company sticks out in my head. I’ve seen Gatorade commercials with Tiger Woods, so the product must be good. People tend to believe star athletes.

So, what would you think if you saw or heard about Michael Jordan wearing a pair of Adidas? What about Tiger Woods drinking Powerade? Darren Rovell at Sports Biz calls this endorsement fraud. Endorsement fraud is when athletes get paid to endorse one product or service but are caught using the competitor.

Athletes can obviously eat whatever they want and wear whatever they want, but they need to be careful when they endorse a product. By signing a contract, they are obligated to that brand. Athletes are in the public eye whenever they step outside their homes. Technology has also made it possible for people to publish pictures or videos of athletes online.

Brian Gainor gives an example of Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard, who endorses McDonald’s. Howard is featured in the new Monopoly game commercials for McDonald’s. While in Beijing, playing on the Olympic basketball team, Howard was videotaped eating Wendy’s with his teammates. McDonald’s paid $4 million to be the official sponsor of Team USA Basketball for the 2008 Olympic Games. It seems strange that the team would eat Wendy’s for a team meal.

People trust athletes and hope that they are being truthful when they promote a product. Will people listen to Howard and eat at McDonald’s if they see him eating at Wendy’s? Isn’t that a bit contradicting?  

Here’s the video: http://hoopsoup.com/2008/11/03/reedem-team-meal-of-champions/

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sm58For a class assignment in my Advanced Public Relations Writing class, I created my first podcast. Until now, I never really thought about producing my own podcast. It was a great experience, and I’m glad to have a podcast under my belt. I created my podcast with Audacity, and I didn’t have any problems with it.  

For my podcast, I decided to use a presentation I recently gave on building strong corporate relationships. If you’d like to listen, here it is:

Podcast #1: Building Strong Corporate Reputations

Show Notes for Week 1: Building Strong Corporate Reputations

On this week’s show, I discuss how companies can create and maintain strong corporate reputations by following four relationship-building steps.

Introduction                             :0-1:22

Corporate reputation               1:23-1:53

Relationship-building steps      1:54-4:35

Conclusion                               4:36-5:17


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Whole Foods Market
is known for being socially responsible. The natural and organic grocery store is also on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s list of Top 25 Green Power Partners. As a way of communicating with the people they care so much about, Whole Foods Market has created and maintained a company blog.

The blog has a simple name: Whole Story. Among other things, the blog features posts about organic recipes, current events, environmental issues and company deals. All of the topics are relevant and somehow relate to the company or the company’s values. The posts are fairly short, which is perfect because my attention isn’t lost. The layout is pleasing to the eye, and the green colors remind me of nature. This ties in with the company’s green brand. High quality pictures, especially of yummy meals, also stand out.

Many people write posts, and the blog is updated once or twice a day. This is great because there’s always something new, so people have a reason to visit the blog frequently. People can also print coupons which, with the state of our economy, is another incentive to check out the blog regularly. Comments show that people appreciate these coupons.

Whole Foods Market cares about engaging with the public because they have created and maintained this blog. They also encourage and welcome comments, which the “About Us” section states. Because of this blog and the positive communication with the public, the company is definitely benefiting from social media.

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This whole blogging thing has gotten huge, and it’s about time I jump into the blogosphere. I am a senior studying public relations and communication studies at the University of Oregon. I keep thinking about graduation because it’s getting closer and closer. I’m excited. I’m nervous. I have no idea where the future will take me. I want to work in many areas of PR, so I can experience different sides of the field. My goal is to be involved in sports and entertainment public relations. I also love baking and decorating cupcakes, so I hope to open a cupcake shop some day.

Blogging is important in the PR world and I’m happy to now be a part of it. This blog will discuss everything and anything that is related to PR. Anyone is welcome to enjoy this blog, especially those interested in learning more about the public relations field. I am definitely interested in learning more! I also hope to gain experience that will send me in the right direction in the future. Happy blogging!


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