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National Hockey League players began participating at the Olympics in 1998. Until then, only amateur players, and non-NHL professionals starting in 1988, could play hockey in the Olympics. NHL players returned to the Winter Games in 2002 and 2006, and they will also compete at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. It’s uncertain whether they will participate in the Olympics after 2010 because NHL executives believe that the league hasn’t benefitted from its players joining the Olympics.

According to Media Daily News, the NHL hoped to use the Olympic platform as a marketing opportunity, similar to how the NBA benefited from marketing opportunities and retail sales of its “Dream Team” players. NHL executives believe the league hasn’t found a way to do this.

One reason for this is because the Olympics occur during the middle of the hockey season, so the NHL has to shut down for multiple weeks. This can make it confusing for fans when the season starts again because they may not remember what was going on before the Olympics. The NBA is able to market the league and gain exposure year-round because the Summer Games take place during the off-season.

I don’t think the NHL should expect to benefit from the Olympics like the NBA does. Hockey isn’t as popular as basketball in the United States, where most of the NHL teams play. Hockey receives hardly any media coverage. Turn on ESPN and you’ll see numerous NBA highlights. No matter what the NHL does, I don’t think this will ever change. Millions of people watch basketball games on TV, but most think that watching hockey on TV is boring. Hockey is more exciting in person, but not everyone has the opportunity to attend games.

Another reason the NHL hasn’t benefitted is because of an incident that happened at the 1998 Olympics. After losing, players on the American team destroyed property in Olympic Village rooms. They broke furniture and threw a fire extinguisher out a window. Because of the global Olympic stage, people around the world thought the team, made up of NHL players, had no sportsmanship and that they were ungrateful. The American team did well and no incidents occurred at the 2002 Olympics, but people still remember what happened in Nagano.

If the NHL isn’t getting enough out of the Olympics, then why should the league allow its players to participate? I believe that the Olympics should feature the world’s greatest athletes, but the NHL is a business. Executives aren’t going to continue allowing Olympic participation if the league doesn’t gain exposure and increase revenue.


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We all know that our economy is hurting. The impact of the bad economy trickles down to newspapers and the sports industry. Newspapers across the country are cutting jobs and pages to save money. At some newspapers, this can result in limited sports coverage because there are fewer reporters. Newspapers also don’t have enough money to send reporters to games or events.

While looking for information on sports public relations, I stumbled upon a great sports PR blog by Christy Hammond. Christy discusses how declining sports coverage in newspapers hurts the sports industry and what can be done to make up for the lost coverage.

Many people keep up to date on sports by reading the newspaper. Sports teams, leagues and PR departments want to see stories in the newspaper. This is important for a sports team because they can use the coverage to maintain and grow their fan base. When sports coverage is cut from newspapers, people aren’t able to get the same information as they did before and may become angry because they want to read about their favorite team. If people are still interested, they will have to find information elsewhere. The sports industry has to embrace different forms of media to receive more coverage.

Reaching out to bloggers and joining the blogosphere is a great way for the sports industry gain coverage. Some hockey teams in the NHL have formed relationships with bloggers and have invited them into the press box to cover games. This is a perfect thing because teams and leagues will most likely gain more coverage through blogs.

I have been a sports fan my entire life and I’ve always enjoyed picking up the sports section of the newspaper to read about my favorite teams. Lately, I’ve been using the Internet to read about sports because there’s so much more sports coverage available online. It looks like I’ll have to continue doing this because there may not always be a sports section in the newspaper.

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