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happy-holidaysWith the holidays right around the corner, people are busy planning parties and get-togethers. To host the perfect holiday event, planning and preparation is needed. We can all use a part of public relations —  event planning — to help ensure a successful holiday party.

PRowl Public Relations has come up with four PR tips for planning a holiday party.

1. Pay attention to competition. When choosing a day for your holiday event, make sure your neighbors or friends aren’t hosting an event on the same day. You don’t want your friends to be forced to choose which party to attend. People are busy, but it’s important to work with people’s schedules and figure out which day will work the best for more of them. 

2. RSVP. When it comes to invitations, make sure they have an RSVP on them. You need to know roughly how many people will be attending your event, so you can plan on buying the right amount of food, drinks and other items. Your guests might be upset if they showed up and there wasn’t anything to eat. You wouldn’t be very happy if you spent tons of money on food when you didn’t need to.

3. Creativity. Throwing a theme party is a great way to be creative. You can be creative in terms of theme, decor, food and entertainment. Ugly Christmas sweater parties are popular and a fun way to spice up a party. Since people usually attend multiple holiday parties, you want yours to be exciting and different. Playing games will keep people entertained throughout the party and also make your event more memorable.

4. Venue. Make sure that your event takes place in the appropriate location. You don’t want to host a party for 20 people in a large hall because the room will look empty. You also don’t want your house to be so crowded that guests can’t move around. It’s also important to decorate the space according to your theme and how you want the party to feel. If you are having a July at Christmas party, then you’ll need to decorate with beach and Christmas items.

These tips will come in handy for anyone planning a holiday event. I’ve hosted a Christmas party for the past five years and I’ve dealt with all of these things during the planning process. I wish I had thought about some of these tips earlier because they would’ve helped ease my stress! Planning and hosting a party takes a lot of work, but it’s worth it in the end. Happy holidays! 

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